The story of how I decided to buy fat loss pills

Firstly, I have to be honest with you – Never before have I ever tried any weight loss pills because I always considered them just a pile of rubbish.

Dozens of my friends made the mistake of buying some cheap pills which then had to be thrown into the bin.

The only reason I gave these Shaper Cut pills a chance is because I received literally HUNDREDS of e-mails from you Girls asking me about my opinion and I’d spent last 3 weeks sending pretty much the same message: “Hun, I haven’t got a clue. Sorry ;( “

Soon after I began feeling bad about this. Am I acting to selfish? Just the fact I never tried something doesn’t mean it can’t help others.

Also, shouldn’t I be the one who helps you make the right dietary choices, especially when it comes to tricky marketers?

Am I failing my readers?

So, I decided to test these pills you’ve been asking on myself and give you a thorough and complete feedback about them .

Also, these pills have pretty good reviews online already but you can never be sure if it isn’t just some clever marketing, so it’s always better to test it yourself. (People claim to have lost 20 pounds in 30 days which, on paper, looks pretty damn good).

(And since you can always return them within the first month for free, even if they don’t work there’s no hidden cost to it, so I literally had no more excuses to use for my laziness ;)).



Shaper Cut – first impressions

My initial observations about the order were good. Nothing to brag about but nothing below my expectations as well.

Quick payment (they accept all major credit cards and PayPal), quick confirmation and I got my Shaper delivered within 3 office days. So far so good.

The company making these supplements also sends you a diet plan and I was very curious how it actually works.

Turns out they want you to fill a questionnaire about your weight, height, type of job etc. and a few days later you get your diet on you e-mail.

In return for your time you get a book filled with about 40 meals to choose from. And they say you can whichever you like and whenever you like, which is also nice.

But for now, I’m going to focus on pills.

This diet may be fine but I want to make sure it’s the shaper that works and not just living on 500 calories.

Shaper Cut – 7th day

Okay, it’s been exactly seven days since I started taking these pills and I’ve already made some quick observations 🙂


1. I’m less hungry

Normally I couldn’t survive a full day without having some sort of snack (an apple, carrot, low-calorie salad).

You all know how it gets, especially during “these” days . All our restrictions suddenly go to hell because we ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE THIS SLICE OF PIZZA! 😉

Well, during the 2nd day of my “treatment” around midday I noticed I’m not feeling this “I’m somewhat hungry” sensation in my belly. It’s the first time I didn’t go for my everyday healthy snack.

And funny enough, on the 3rd day it happened again and still doesn’t “come off” .

So I can say for sure shaper physically limits your everyday hunger.


2. I have more energy

I don’t know about you but around 4 P.M. every day I feel worn out and tired. To be honest I’d be very happy to take a 20 minutes of nap but I suspect my boss probably wouldn’t approve this too much ;).

Instead of falling asleep behind my desk I simply force some coffee down my throat and soldier on.

However, soon after taking the first “hit” of shaper I noticed I have no more of these “energy breakdowns” during the day and I can easily make it to the finish line. I just feel more alive and active.

But who knows – maybe it’s just summer approaching 😉


3. I’m lighter

This last I couldn’t believe for a long time so I decided to take measurements every day.

At the end of day 7 I have to give up.

The scale doesn’t lie – I’m 5 pounds lighter.

No diet, no exercise, no yoga… nothing!

How is that even possible?

But before I admit my wrong this could all be just a matter of placebo effect.

Therefore, I’ve decided to give shaper cut a thorough test. I’m going to do a full 30-day treatment to see if it REALLY works.

Stay tuned for details!

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