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So it’s been over 14 days since I started testing Shaper Cut for you, my dear Readers.

After the first 7 days even I – the biggest “dietary magic pills” sceptic out there – had to admit there were some pretty visible effects of this experiment.

At the beginning of week 2, while searching for some files and pictures, I stumbled upon a Diet Plan – a lengthy list of meals I should eat during my fat loss treatment to “improve my results”.

Well, as most of you probably remember, I decided to focus on the pills, instead of the diet at first to ensure the Shaper works on its own.

To be completely honest, I just HATE exercise and absolutely LOVE food. And when I mean “food” I think about ice cream, chocolate chips and all this unhealthy stuff. Or so they say…

Anyway, me and diets don’t get along very well, to say the least 😉

But after quite some time I eventually had to open up this Diet Plan and see what’s what so that none of you could accuse me of doing this review half-heartedly.

The first few pages contain some introduction, a list of necessary kitchen tools and spices with a list of all the meats, fruits and vegetables you’re going to use throughout your diet.

Pretty handy if you haven’t been cooking for like ever ;).

In my case it turned out I was pretty much stocked and the only thing I was missing was a couple of herbs.

Then you get to the meals – about 40 meals, divided into 4 categories: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.

What’s interesting is that you can choose both what and when you want to eat from every single category which is quite unorthodox for a diet plan.

Most diets I tried so far were pretty strict on the menu – I had to eat pre-selected meals at pre-selected times of the day and there was no room for any deviations or creativity.

Actually, this is why I never got into fitness too much. Looking at all these girls becoming slaves to their food, running around with plastic boxes made me appreciate my normality even more ;).

In my opinion, you should be eating to live, instead of making your life circle around food :P.

And, funny enough, this Diet Plan they sent me along with Shaper is just a set of normal meals you’d eat every day.

Scrambled eggs, eggs on bacon, chicken salads, steaks, fish…. even some typical sweets you’ve been eating your whole life.

I honestly don’t understand how I could possibly lose my belly eating banana pancakes but as I keep looking into my mirror it turns out it definitely CAN be done ;D.

Also, you should know that there is a noticeable emphasis on meat but – from what I’ve read in Cosmo recently – protein is the best thing you can eat to keep your fingers away from the fridge for longer 😉 (Quite the opposite to a typical women oriented diets containing mostly vegetables and fruits).

Anyway, so far I’ve tried about 25 recipes and I like most of them. There were a few I didn’t fancy but hey – you can always skip them and focus on others you find more appealing.

Of course I’m not strictly sticking to this Diet Plan everyday – once every so often I allow myself for a cheat meal but I still see results. Tricky me ;).

Shaper Cut – 15th day

Okay, 15 days have passed way faster than I can count.

And, what’s more important – I’ve lost 9 pounds.

Yes, nine pounds in fifteen days. Sounds impressive and I feel honestly astounded at how much a simple pill can change.

I never considered myself overly obese but as of today I can see my cheek bones sticking out and damn – it feels sexy! 😉

Also, my belly begins to flatten out and my thighs got thinner. 2 more weeks and I think I may be able to achieve that Kate Moss thigh gap I could never get on my own 😉

And this is not some hocus-pocus placebo mind tricks – my bff Cindy and Amanda keep on complimenting me recently and noticing even the smallest improvements such as tinier bum or smaller feet. The last one tough I think is “a bit” exaggerated, if you asked me ;D.

On a side note, I should also mention that I still feel more energetic during the day and don’t feel any serious cravings towards junk food.

I suppose one of the reason for this is because some of my desserts from the diet plan are ACTUALLY some of my favourite sweets to begin with so, since I can eat them on a daily basis, I feel less drawn to other, more “serious” options ;).

Now, since I made a 7th and 15th day post about my 30-day shaper cut treatment it only makes sense that I made one last big post – 30th day summary with pictures and even more numbers for you to see on your own eyes ;). So far it seems that 20 pounds in 30 days is achievable but time will tell.

So as always – “stay tuned for details”. You won’t regret it. Promise

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  2. […] f you haven’t read the first part of my review click HERE and HERE […]

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