Hi Girls,


Have you been looking at some of the most popular diets and wondering which one to go on to lose weight?


Been there, done that – it’s not easy to choose and the more you read, the less you know ;).


Well, I tried them all so I’ve decided to give you a quick tour 🙂

Paleo Diet

A diet based on the hunter gatherer way of eating.


No processed foods and no modern grains. At first, it’s hard to adapt but once you’re in, it’s quite intuitive to follow.


Basically all you eat is meat and vegetables. It actually helped me lose my first 10 pounds J


  • Good for quick weight loss.
  • Less carbs consumed.
  • Lowers cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure.



  • Eliminates several useful food groups such as dairy, pulses and grains.
  • Can be expensive to maintain.


Low Carb Diet

A lot of people think that not eating carbohydrates is the fast track to weight loss.


Low-carb was my very first diet and even though I’d lost a lot of weight on it, I’m pretty sure most of it was water.


Also, it was heavy on my psyche, since limiting my sugar intake took a big toll on my mood, motivation and daily performance.


  • Can drastically reduce weight.
  • Good for blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.



  • Carbs are good for energy so low carb diet can affect your mood and concentration.
  • Low carb diets that concentrate on high protein can cause damage to bones and kidneys.
  • Muscle loss may happen as your body uses protein for fuel in the absence of carbs.



Vegan Diet

Plant based diets are very popular at the moment, but is going vegan a good idea?


Well, vegan diet is just like paleo minus all the protein coming from meal.


At first it feels very nice to live by, since meat is heavy on your digestive system.


However, after a while you tend to long for meat and that satisfying feeling of being filled with something denser than just veggies.


  • More likely to eat high nutrient food such as fruits and veg.
  • Less likely to eat processed or high fatty foods.
  • Good for the environment.



  • Hard to get enough protein.
  • Fake meats can be very high in additives.

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