Hey guys!

If you’re like me and you love to snack, you’ll know it’s hard trying to stay away from the treats.

You know what I mean: biscuits, cakes, crisps… All the lovely but bad stuff.

And although eating is typically responsible for getting fat, there are SOME foods you can eat to actually get leaner!

Yes, it’s true – there are plenty of great snacks that can ease your cravings but also help you stay healthy.

No, you won’t find any pizza or pop-tarts here, but it’s still just as tasty! Enjoy 😉



But what is even more important is that nuts are filled with fats. And fats are one of the most filling macronutrient you can find anytime, anywhere ;).


And since you can always stuff them in your pocket these little fellas can become your healthy snack for all these traitorous moments when hunger suddenly strikes and you want to avoid junk food at all costs.





Yes, it’s true – you can partially replace your weight loss pills with eating one of these fruits at least once per day.


Not only that, Huge amounts of vitamin C residing in grapefruits play a major role in enzyme function in your cells. Speaking in human terms, providing not enough vitamin C to your body can result with slower fat oxidation, i.e. slower fat burn.


Also, since “Winter is coming” adding a huge vitamin C can also spike up your immune system.


Just bear in mind that it’s sour taste is NOT an excuse to put some sugar on it! 😉


Green Tea

Also, green tea has a positive impact on your digestive system and mood stability, so having a big cup every now and then makes a lot of sense for pretty much everyone out there.


Finally, since tea is healthier for your heart than coffee, feel free to introduce some changes just like I did 😉


Leafy Greens


Also, leafy greens contain absolutely INSANE amounts of all sorts of vitamins: A, C, K, D … there’s a whole alphabet in here 😉


As a result, eating your greens means you get a great fix of dietary fiber plus vitamins, calcium and antioxidants.


Pack a green heavy lunch box for best results!


Oily Fish


Also, just like nuts all these oily fish contain loads of omega-3-fatty acids which have been proven to suppress your appetite for junk food and sweets which can give you a big advantage when fighting for healthier body.


Both tasty and healthy? You can’t go wrong here.

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