Sorry, that’s not me yet ;D. My belly still needs some work but hey! – it’s getting better by the day 😉


I just wanted to put you all into a serious mode for a bit because exercise is no joke – it works.


The reason I started doing these is because I wanted to see some muscles on my belly and the diet simply couldn’t cut it.


I find these exercises great for shaping my stomach muscles and strengthening a general stability of my body. And no, you won’t need any equipment to finish any of these ;).

I do them 3 times per week and so should you.



Yes, that’s also not me ;D

Regardless, planks are by far one of my favourite ab exercises out there J.

They’re easy to do, you can do them anywhere (even on the beach ;)) and there’s no room for cheating.

You either remain flat or you don’t J.


  • Lie flat on the ground
  • Place your elbows at shoulders’ width
  • Lift your body up so that your spine remains flat and your booty is slightly higher
  • Maintain this position as long as you can


Hip Thrust

As the Lord once told Abraham: “If you want to have that nice rounded booty thy shall do hip thrusts” – or something along these lines 😉


Because they build not only your belly muscles but also booty and thighs, they’ve become one of the most important female oriented exercise in every gym across the worlds ;).


Put simply, hip thrusts are every girl’s best friend. And once you feel the burn, you won’t be able to stop J.



  • Lie flat on the ground next to some elevation (chair, sofa, stool)
  • Place your feet on the elevation
  • Slowly lower your body
  • Push your hips up until you reach a flat level
  • Repeat 15-20 times



Scissor Kick

Scissor kick is one of these old exercises we all know but no one actually does them ;).


And they’re absolutely WRONG here – you should all be doing them! The burn in your belly is intolerable! ;D



  • Lie flat on the floor, hands by your side.
  • Lift your head and shoulders off the ground.
  • Lift your legs up off the ground so that they are a few inches off the floor and hold them there.
  • Raise one leg as high as it can go, then as you bring it back down, raise the other one in a smooth scissor style motion.
  • Do ten of these for one set.




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