Hello Girls,

You probably all know that fruit and vegetables are good for you and that we should be eating more of them to help us lose weight and stay healthy.


Yet somehow everyone knows this one friend who eats only fruits and veggies while still growing in size. Or so they claim πŸ˜‰


Well, I tried it on myself recently and results were quite impressive! 5 pounds less of me in 2 weeks.


Now, there is lots of information out there but I’ve done some research so you can understand why CERTAIN fruit and vegetables help you lose weight, just like me.

Low Fat & High Fiber


Our bodies need fiber to help us digest the food we eat.


The natural fiber we can find in fruit and vegetables helps us process other foods more easily and prevents all sorts of unpleasant digestive issues.


Fruit and vegetables are also low in bad (saturated) fats so once we have absorbed nutrients there isn’t much left for our body to store. It’s pure energy basically!


Whenever I feel hungry I simply go for a salad made of lettuce, kale and spinach. Does the trick nicely! πŸ˜‰




Since fruit and vegetables tend to be quite heavy as they are full of fiber and water, every time you eat a veggie, your satiety index (basically how full you currently fill) is going through the roof keeping you away from chocolate and pizza ;).


That way you eat way less throughout the day and, as a result, your caloric deficit gets higher and you burn more fat.


I noticed that as soon as I focus on including more greens into my meals I simply am less inclined to hunt for more food during the day. Try it yourself πŸ˜‰


Stable Energy


Potatoes, carrots, broccoli, leafy vegetables, nuts, citrus fruits and melons are all great sources of stable, non-fluctuating energy.


Carbohydrates hidden inside of these products are released slowly into your bloodstream which in turn gives you a consistent energy boost, quite contrary to other types of food.


Do you feel sluggish after eating some bread or pasta? Yes, they contain highly processed sugars which gives you sudden spike of energy that goes away quickly, making you feel hungry all the time.


So, instead of taking your body for a nasty energetic rollercoaster filled with overeating maybe consider going for some more stable sources of energy ;).


No more drinking coffee 3 times per day, at least for me.


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