You can spend your whole life chasing phantoms but at the end of the day you have to realise that some of your dreams are just a pure product of imagination and some fancy Photoshop skills.


Aiming for a body that is unattainable is bad for your self-esteem and motivation. Here are some of the biggest illusions we all fall prey to.

Perfect Butt



It’s all genetic, so if you can’t climb on Mount Everest, settle for something smaller and put your effort into developing something else. Maybe character? Who knows 😉


In sum, work with what you’ve got. Do squats and thigh and quad workouts to ensure your butt is the best it can be but beyond that just let it go.


Thigh Gap


Besides, what’s the point of starving yourself just to be able to take one picture? I can’t see any J

Unless you’re as skinny as a Victoria’s Secret model you’re not going to get a thigh gap, so don’t worry about even trying.


Instead, work on having toned and shapely legs by doing squats and leg presses. The results will be visible on every single picture you take.


Six Pack Abs


And if you’re naturally a bit curvier, you may find out that killing your abs is not making much of a difference.


If such is the case, simply focus on keeping your belly relatively flat and let your curves really shine 😉



If you’re born a certain shape you’re never going to get an extremely narrow waist. Period.


Some girls are a bit curvy, some are overly slim and the whole beauty is that everyone is different, so why make yourself look just like every other model you can see on a catwalk? 😉


The best thing is to work with your shape to focus on developing your thighs and bum. That way your waist will optically seem narrower than the rest of your body. Trust me – I’ve tried this tip on myself.

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