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5 Unrealistic Body Goals


You can spend your whole life chasing phantoms but at the end of the day you have to realise that some of your dreams are just a pure product of imagination and some fancy Photoshop skills.


Aiming for a body that is unattainable is bad for your self-esteem and motivation. Here are some of the biggest illusions we all fall prey to.

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My Top 5 Best Foods For Weight Loss

Hey guys!

If you’re like me and you love to snack, you’ll know it’s hard trying to stay away from the treats.

You know what I mean: biscuits, cakes, crisps… All the lovely but bad stuff.

And although eating is typically responsible for getting fat, there are SOME foods you can eat to actually get leaner!

Yes, it’s true – there are plenty of great snacks that can ease your cravings but also help you stay healthy.

No, you won’t find any pizza or pop-tarts here, but it’s still just as tasty! Enjoy 😉

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